We bring comfort and smiles to those we visit,
4 Paws of Love at a time.


About Us - An All Poodle Pet Therapy Organization

4 Paws of Love Mission:


4 Paws of Love is dedicated 

to providing comfort and love 

to those individuals 

who can benefit from visits by 

certified pet therapy animals 

and their handlers.

Who Benefits From Our Visits:


Children in schools and libraries.

College students for de-stress days.

Those in memory care facilities.

Those in retirement facilities.

Those in assisted living facilities.

Those in  health care facilities.

Those in hospitals.

Those in hospice.

Those with special needs.

Those dealing with disasters.

Those who are developmentally challenged.

Those who prefer a one on one visit 

or a group visit.

What It Takes To Be A 4 Paws of Love Team:


Canine Good Citizen test for dog teams.

A pet that is a minimum of 1 year old.

A handler that is at least 18 years old.

A pet that is calm around other pets.

A pet that enjoys being loved by people.

Training & certification with our organization.

A commitment to share your time & pet.